StarCraft: Brood War Review @ GU

Gameplay:  18/20

Excellent gameplay keeps up with the original StarCraft. The new additions to the game are very cool, and require more strategy than before as the new units all have different abilities that change the game enough to where you must plan differently against different attacks. There isn't a whole lot of new features to keep up the innovation of the original, but the changes are still enough to make the strategy different (i.e. against Lurker's you have to avoid them, they could be burrowed right around your city).

Graphics:  7/10

The graphics aren't the best in the world, but the will do. There is no 3-D Acceleration, so doesn't really matter what kind of videocard you own. The graphics are still done nicely in this isometric view. The buildings all have nice little animations, and the animations for each of the units are all done very nicely. The new cinematics (thought not many, 4 or 5 I think) are done extremely well.

Interface: 10/10

The interface is done very well. Very easy to learn, to get into, doesn't take long to get where you want.

Controls: 9/10

The controls are done excellently, you can use both mouse and keyboard. The layout is very well layed out, only thing that I didn't see was a key customizer. But why you would want to change the keys is beyond me.

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