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Nintendo goes too far with tie-ins

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Date: Jan 10, 2005 - 01:30 PM
Nintendo tie-ins have officially gone too far: the next DDR mix will be "Dance Dance Revolution with Mario" for the Gamecube.

As the title suggests, Dance Dance Revolution with Mario is a new installment in Konami's DDR dancing game series, featuring characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. Details on the game haven't been disclosed yet, but from the released images, DDR with Mario seems to play similarly to DDR, with familiar backdrops featured in the 3D installments of the Super Mario series.

As in other DDR titles released by Konami, gamers will play the game using a step-sensitive controller mat, timing steps with the beat as dictated on the screen. Aside from the standard dancing game mode, DDR with Mario will also feature various original mini-games as well.
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