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James Randi Retires

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Date: Jan 28, 2015 - 09:23 AM
I can only say: You're an amazing individual and thank you for the years of insight, laughs, and logic.

James Randi retires from the JREF.

At 86 years of age, I feel that itís now well time to officially retire, so Iím stepping down from my position with the JREF Ė the James Randi Educational Foundation.

This doesnít mean that Iím retiring from my battle against the so-≠called psychics, faith healers, paranormalists, and the assorted frauds Iíve encountered in my worldwide wanderings. Iíll in no way relax the critical attention Iíve given to them over the last busy 73 years, I promise you. Iíll still lecture and write, here and abroad Ė but now on my own time Ė not on the exhausting schedule that Iíve had these past few years.

I can celebrate the fact that there now exist so many very active, eager, and competent skeptical organizations Ė on an international scale Ė some of which may very well have come into being because of the example provided to them by the JREF.

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