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Date: May 17, 2013 - 08:17 AM
So... quick miniature movie review. I may sit down to do a longer one soon but for now this is where it's at.

Star Trek Into Darkness.

So... first thing. We already know this is a reboot. This is not your mother and father's Star Trek. This is not a TV series, this is not shiny happy utopian-future. Things in the background are different, character motivations are different, some characters actually GET to have motivations now instead of being setpieces. Go with it.

Second thing. Yes, they brought back a villain. Yes, it's exactly who you think it is. Yes, the reveal happens pretty early and no, you won't care. Again: things are different. The federation has gone in a different direction because they got the #$%#$ scared out of them twice and pulled a Brave Sir Robin when Kirk was still in diapers, and have proceeded to go all Sir Lancelot The Homicidally Brave since the destruction of Vulcan.

The Klingon scene is brief but it's good to see them get screen time and it's good to realize they can be a creditable villain again.

Yes, there are shout-outs to fans in this movie. Nods to what has gone before and nods to what is different. You know what? I don't really care. This was a GREAT movie. I enjoyed the heck out of every minute of it. I enjoyed the realization that this isn't going to be the same Trek we've seen before, and I enjoyed the idea that this might, actually, have some chance to start the series getting back to TV where it really belongs.

Go see the movie. Set aside the worries, set aside the "but that's not canon", set aside the differences. Enjoy it for what it is.

Second star to the right, straight on til morning.

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