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Violent Video Games Causative? Not so fast...

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Date: Mar 09, 2013 - 12:15 PM
An article through Gamasutra; according to the same metrics that say "violent video games make kids violent", a load of other things that create the same effect. Snakes. Pictures of bacon.

The aggression they define in their study is a short-term increase in heart rate, blood pressure, and aggressive or competitive thoughts and actions. A reaction familiar to anyone whos ever played a competitive sport. Its also a familiar physiological response for anyone whos ever seen a photo of a snake or dangerous predator; its a typical arousal response enhanced by competitive stimuli and excitement as indicated by any number of empirical studies on human autonomic responses. Music, films, TV, even books can elicit such a response from an average individual.
This is what happens when bad science gets credited with being valid... we just heard about the fudged, falsified research that was the basis for the crusades against comic books decades ago as well.

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