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Quickie: Fall of Cybertron

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Date: Sep 18, 2012 - 01:58 PM
Time for Quickie 2 this month! Right down to it: we're into Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.

This is one of those "every other year" titles where Activision busts out the Transformers license, and throws them into a basically Call-Of-Duty style online game with a teaser of a campaign mode thrown in. Back when I saw the last one, War For Cybertron, I was not quite impressed with the gameplay; most of the Transformers didn't really move, or feel, like they should.

This time it's a bit closer, but it's still not quite there. There's bare-bones motion and transformation, some special moves, but most of the campaign gameplay devolves into somehow surviving waves of enemies over and over again, trying to reach the next save point or plot device. There's even a mode devoted to learning how to do it, called "survival mode."

The special moves - especially Optimus, being able to take control of Metroplex for a while - are darned cool. But the gameplay doesn't really focus on them, and I'm not sure why. It also makes players spend a lot of time in robot form, leaving the vehicle forms very secondary.

For those wanting to play with friends, sadly, the cooperative campaign mode is also gone. I'm not sure why this is, because that was one of the better aspects of War for Cybertron. Maybe someone on the programming team didn't like it, or maybe they just couldn't get it through bug testing to meet deadline... either way, it's a definite loss to the franchise.

It's a shame, because the storyline - especially the Decepticons, always at each other's throats and working at their own cross purposes - is what most players are really after for this one. What happened on Cybertron before the Autobots jumped into the Ark and abandoned the planet? How did the battles go? Who participated? It's like someone made a really cool game for the kids of the mid-1980s... and wholly forgot they are now in their '30s and need more solid gameplay.

Grab it if you were a fan of War For Cybertron, rent it for the weekend storyline play otherwise.

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