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The Dotcom Raid

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Date: Aug 09, 2012 - 12:00 PM
A New Zealand newspaper has some information, video, and timeline on what happened - and the lies told by the US and NZ forces - in the Kim Dotcom raid.

Turns out they're using anonymous "witnesses" as well.

Dotcom’s lawyer asked him if he had seen anything deliberate done to Dotcom.
“Yes there was deliberate force applied,” he said.
So what was behind such a large and pointed operation?
“Primary objective: secure suspect as soon as possible to prevent destruction of evidence,” the elite officer said.
But Dotcom could not have destroyed evidence because the FBI had allegedly seized the Megaupload servers before the raid.
“All of that is so invalid and really angers me because you know the FBI was already in the data centre disabling access to the data they feared we would manipulate. So primary to you arriving there was no chance for anyone to do anything with that evidence,” Dotcom said.

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