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British Lack of First Amendment

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Date: Jun 28, 2012 - 02:56 PM
In Britain, where libel/slander laws are notoriously easy to sue under, a "collections" firm has begun suing websites over commentary left by users critical of its actions.

The law firm's letters demand that not only should all the defamatory and threatening posts be taken down, but that the websites should reveal to RLP the identities of all the contributors who made the comments.

Nick Spooner of Legal Beagles said: "We are shocked because it appears to us that far from having any genuine complaint about the nature of the comments it appears RLP want to stifle the reporting of the adverse judgement at Oxford County Court because it puts into question their business model.

"We are refusing to comply with any of their demands," he added.
Maybe the brits should fix their laws.

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