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Endangered Game Genres

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Date: Nov 18, 2004 - 11:00 AM
Britain's Guardian newspaper, in one of its blogs, has a scary thought; 10 videogame genres may actually be endangered.

Well... not so much so.

The list:
The beat 'em up - to a point, true.
The flight shooter - also true.
The real-time strategy - The author makes an excellent point: gone are the days of controlling single units on the battlefield, with "control a whole army" as the dominant RTS mode today.
The F1 sim - Thankfully, yes. These were just BORING.
The god game - See RTS.
The arena-based vehicle combat game - When you've got solid FPS titles, the kludgy controls of vehicle combat don't hold up.
The graphical adventure - gone, but not forgotten.
The 2D shooter - Not gone, but definitely not the crowd favorite anymore.
The puzzle game - Nope. Not even close.
The cute character-based adventure - Again, not gone. Not even close. It's just a question of updating the characters, and making the stories compelling enough to pull players in.

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