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Date: Dec 12, 2011 - 08:05 AM
So, a few things I've been working on recently amid the busy holiday season:

#1 - Zelda: Skyward Sword. First thoughts: Nintendo kinda missed on this one. Good setup/story? Yes. Controls? At first glance they seem really cool, until you realize that the Wiimote/Motionplus combo is still not sensitive enough to really pull off what they were going for (at least, compared to what Kinect has been able to do with things like Dance Central and Fruit Ninja). Plus, this is almost a game that requires standing up to play, which is harder to do when you're going to be doing it at 3-hour stints to get through the dungeons and areas.

On the graphical side... the bigger your screen, the more complaints you're going to have. It's not nearly as good looking as Twilight Princess was - partly because the textures are lower res, partly because the game's internal rendering itself seems to be lower res - most probably, to account for the lost CPU power that's being dedicated to processing the MotionPlus system instead. If you've got an utter beast of a PC, it may actually be worth setting this up on Dolphin instead to render at high resolution.

#2 - Skyrim. This is just eating up my time. I've put in probably over 90 hours since it came out, and I still don't feel like I'm anywhere past 10% of the game. I can't believe how much Bethesda got right with the game; I can't believe just how MUCH they managed to put into an absolutely humongous map. There are quests and bits and pieces everywhere. My only gripe so far: occasionally I'll trip over a "quest item" that can't be dropped until the quest completes - a few of them are glitched so you can't even drop them AFTER the quest involved completes. Some of these weigh nothing, which makes them easy to ignore, but the others... I'm out about 10 pounds of encumbrance due to crap the game just won't let me drop, and it's going to get worse before it gets better as I hunt down the quests these stupid things are attached to.

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