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Google Privacy?

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Date: Jul 11, 2011 - 07:43 AM
Here's an interesting article comparing Google+ to Google Buzz on privacy:

By making Google+ available to a very limited set of initial testers, Google is showing that it learned its lesson from the privacy fiasco that followed the sudden, widespread launch of its Twitter-like Buzz service, which earned the company boos and lawsuits from end users, and investigations and fines from government agencies for unilaterally and publicly disclosing previously hidden Gmail connections.

The conservative approach to Google+'s availability is allowing Google to gather valuable feedback and patch bugs, including privacy holes, before making the site available to a mass audience, when glitches would have exponential consequences, experts said in e-mail interviews.
The downside is, one it's "open" it's probably going to be much like Google Mail. Signups either with an "invitation", or extortion to have you give them your phone number to register via text message.

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