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Date: Apr 22, 2011 - 07:17 AM
This doesn't just apply to Activision, but Gamepro has an editorial on the sad state of the industry in regard to those "yearly" franchises that somehow keep going even when the product is the same thing over and over and over.

Gaming is one of the only forms of media where this "push it until it burns out" philosophy seems to happen. Sure, we're getting a fifth Fast and Furious movie which I'm not convinced anyone wants, and some may argue that TV shows like How I Met Your Mother are dragging themselves out in an extremely transparent sort of way. But that pales in comparison to the 7 mainline Call of Duty games we've had in eight years (with another to follow later this year, and numerous spinoffs) -- not to mention 15 mainline Final Fantasies, endless variations on Street Fighter and, of course, the 12 Guitar Hero games (plus handheld spinoffs) that we've had since 2005. And don't get me started on sports games.
Indeed. Madden 2011, Same Crappy Gameplay, More Shoelace Detail.

Thank you, Pete Davison, for saying what most of us have been thinking for years now.

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