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Which creatures to save?

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Date: Apr 08, 2011 - 10:29 AM
In non-gaming but interesting news... scientists in the preservation field have come up with an index of creatures, trying to decide which "nearly extinct" species are worth the effort of trying to save.

"But if you take a strictly empirical view, things that are well below in numbering in the hundreds - white-footed rock rats, certain types of hare wallabies, a lot of the smaller mammals that have been really nailed by the feral predators like cats, and foxes - in some cases it is probably not worthwhile putting a lot of effort because there's just no chance."

Professor Bradshaw says when the ratio is applied internationally it suggests the Javan rhino and New Zealand kakapo are beyond cost-effective rescue.

He says the index is based on the probability of a species becoming extinct.
Sadly, the mosquito is still not in need of protection.

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