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XB Live game rankings suspect

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Date: Apr 05, 2011 - 07:28 AM
Over at GameMarx, accusations that Microsoft isn't doing enough to keep the game rankings system working correctly. Seems certain developers found ways to game the system:

The XBLIG dashboard lists, including the top downloads, top rated, and new releases, equal significant sales revenue for developers. Being on the first screen of any of these lists equate to more sales than a favorable review by a well know site like Kotaku. It is also the face of XBLIG to many gamers. If these lists are full of the quick cash grab apps released on the service, gamers will get the false impression XBLIG is nothing but $1 gimmicks and not real games. That these lists can be manipulated is quite disturbing, as is Microsoft's total silence on the issue.
By the end of the article, they admit that they don't have completely hard evidence. Still, I agree that the pattern of a previously well regarded game suddenly being blasted by 1-star ratings is consistent with something fishy.

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