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"Piracy" boosts sales?

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Date: Feb 04, 2011 - 07:04 PM
Here's an interesting one - a Japanese study of anime titles suggests that "piracy" actually increases DVD sales.

The results of the Japanese research confirm that piracy does not always have to be associated with a decrease in sales. Similar effects have been observed for music piracy and book piracy as well.

One point of critique based on the main conclusions of the study, is that the observed relation only appears to be correlational. This may mean that the results could in part be influenced by significant third variables such as promotion and overall popularity. Since the report is only available in Japanese we were unable to confirm whether this was taken into account.
It's quite intriguing to see studies like this out. Maybe it'll make the various content associations start to be a little less hamhanded in their treatment of customers.

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