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Kinect Dissected

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Date: Nov 05, 2010 - 08:11 AM
There's a great dissection of the Kinect bar over at IFixit:

Step 10
We've finally found the Kinect's eyes.

Two cameras and an IR projector.

Left: (IR CMOS) Microsoft / X853750001 / VCA379C7130

Center: (Color CMOS) VNA38209015

Right: (IR Projector) OG12 / 0956 / D306 / JG05A

This picture is of the device upside down, so these labels are swapped from what you would see looking at the Kinect.

These are not tiny, cell-phone cameras? they're closer to the camera you might find in a webcam, with large lenses and autofocus.

We can't independently confirm the resolution of the cameras yet, but Microsoft claims that the infrared cam is 320x240 and the RGB cam is 640x480
Go check it out if you're a hardware nerd. Seriously. They did a GREAT job taking this apart.

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