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Desktop Linux - a pipe dream?

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Date: Oct 18, 2010 - 08:34 AM
PC World has a column pronouncing the idea of widespread Linux desktop adoption simply unrealistic.

Although Asus managed to spark a massive trend with cheap, simple netbook PCs, it opted to ship systems preinstalled with a Xandros distribution that left a lot to be desired. Other vendors moved just as clumsily with a host of bad options that gave Microsoft room to sweep the market by extending the life of Windows XP. In that one gesture, all hope was lost for Linux's netbook revolution. Meanwhile, desktop users who fled Windows Vista mostly just switched to Macs or reverted to Windows XP.

By the time Microsoft released the Windows 7 beta in January 2009, Linux had clearly lost its chance at desktop glory.
There's a lot to take note of here - if the Linux community would listen.

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