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Brit ISPs want moratorium on copyright cases

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Date: Oct 05, 2010 - 09:01 AM
British ISP's, still looking at the backlash over released email archives indicating that the prime "copyright cartel" law firm for "piracy" cases was actively engaged in fraud as well as storing the personal data of people they targeted in an unencrypted format, are asking for a moratorium on file-sharing cases.

Quoth BT's lawyers:
"We want to ensure broadband subscribers are adequately protected so that rights holders can pursue their claims for copyright infringement without causing unnecessary worry to innocent people.

"We have not simply consented to these orders in the past, we have asked for stricter terms as public concern has risen. The data leak with ACS:Law prompted us to take further action today."
One would hope that this sort of shenanigans - shades of computerless grandmothers being threatened - would stop entirely. But that's not how the shady crooks operating these scams on behalf of the cartels behave.

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