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Date: Sep 12, 2010 - 01:42 PM
A group dedicated to the public domain has begun raising money to hire an orchestra and record public-domain music which will immediately be released for free, in the public domain.

Why do they have to do this? Because "performances" still claim unique copyright, even if the music performed came from the public domain.

We want your help to hire an internationally renowned orchestra to record and release the rights to: the Beethoven, Brahms, Sibelius, and Tchaikovsky symphonies. We have price quotes from several orchestras and are ready to hire one, pending the funds.


What about beyond 10k?
Every $1000 buys a complete set of Mozart violin sonatas, or all of Chopin's mazurkas, ballades, or nocturnes... a little money buys a LOT of music.

Where does the music go afterwards?
Thanks to generous and free hosting from ibiblio, music will remain on our website indefinitely, and we will share it with other organizations: included in Wikipedia articles, added to, and integrated with OLPC (One Laptop Per Child) laptops.
They've gone well beyond what they needed - but the more, the better!

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