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Date: Aug 25, 2010 - 07:18 AM
Wired takes a look at game developers who've decided to go Indie. And make some pretty kick-ass games.

But that?s not what the new crop of indies are. They?re veterans of the triple-A game biz with decades of experience behind them. They?ve worked for the biggest companies and had a hand in some of the industry?s biggest blockbusters. They could work on anything, but they?ve found creative fulfillment splitting off into a tiny crew and doing their own thing. They?re using everything they?ve learned working on big-budget epics and applying it to small, downloadable games.

The good news for gamers is that, as the industry?s top talents depart the big studios and go into business for themselves, players are being treated to a new class of indie game. They?re smaller and carry cheaper price tags, but they?re produced by industry veterans instead of thrown together by B teams and interns. Most importantly, unlike big-budget games that need to appeal to the lowest common denominator to turn a profit, these indie gems reveal the undiluted creative vision of their makers.
It'd be nice to see the trend continue, to a degree. Also nice to see the corporate pointy-haired bosses see the light and start letting the developers make the games they started out making once more, rather than trying to do everything by committee and focus group.

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