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Star Hustler, RIP

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Date: Aug 21, 2010 - 03:25 PM
Jack Horkheimer, PBS mainstay for kids or adults watching their station sign off for the night, has has passed away.

The show started airing locally on WPBT in Miami, then went national in 1985. Along the way his nom de television morphed from "Star Hustler" to "Star Gazer," to sidestep aggressive web-browsing filters.

The shows are distributed free, via satellite to more than 200 stations across the U.S. and to other outlets like the Armed Forces Network. You can download any of the past year's episodes as well. Since Horkheimer and longtime planetarium colleague Bill Dishong produced several episodes in advance, the last one to feature Horkheimer ? his 1,708th ? will air the first week of September and feature the Summer Triangle. As always, he begins with a chortling "Greetings, greetings, fellow stargazers and ends with his signature phrase "Keep looking up!"
One more month of shows will be finished by a colleague, and after that, the Miami Planetarium plans to see whether they want to continue the show or not. He'll be missed.

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