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Consoles make networks vulnerable?

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Date: Aug 03, 2010 - 07:25 AM
Out at Defcon, a pair of hackers demonstrated a unique exploit that can theoretically use the presence of a video game console to open holes in a corporate firewall:

They also found that many companies install Nintendo Wii devices in their work places, even though they don?t let you walk into the company with smartphones or laptops. (Factories and other sensitive work locations don?t allow any devices with cameras). By poisoning the Wii, they could spread a virus over the corporate network. People have a false sense of security about the safety of these game devices, but they can log into computer networks like most other computer devices now.
It's worth noting that the console itself need not be hacked - just the game it runs. I wonder how many companies have a homebrew/copy-enabled console in the breakroom...

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