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'World's Worst Director' Sues...

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Date: Jun 14, 2010 - 06:03 PM
Uwe Boll, not content with simply destroying franchises and being completely incapable of making a good movie, has found a new way to scam money besides exploiting German tax loopholes: he's signing on to mafia-like lawsuit mills.

Any more commentary is probably unnecessary, but what the hey - we're talking about the man many have called the "World's Worst Director" here!

"Like a modern-day Ed Wood, or a poor man's Michael Bay," the story continued, "Boll appears competent in every aspect of filmmaking except the actual making of the film. His movies are haphazardly scripted, sloppily edited, badly acted and, most crucially, brutally received. Out of 350,000-plus films rated by users of the encyclopedic movie site Internet Movie Database, Boll's three game flicks all rank in the bottom 100. Critics, especially the legion of armchair Eberts who post scathing reviews on the Web, have made a sport out of beating up the director."
What I wouldn't give to get 100 people who were forced to endure one of his movies, and him, locked together in a warehouse with a bunch of paintball guns...

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