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Big N and No Transfers

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Date: May 13, 2010 - 07:07 AM
Wired has an article on the difficulty of consumers updating to a newer Wii and wanting to transfer their downloaded titles and certain savegame files:

The problem is unique to Nintendo. Owners of Microsoft?s and Sony?s game machines first create user accounts on the Xbox Live and PlayStation Network services, entering their credit card and billing details. If they upgrade their consoles to a new model, they can transfer the files using a USB drive or re-download them.

Nintendo customers have no such option. If you want to upgrade to a new console ? like the black Wii, or a Nintendo DSi XL with its larger screens ? you have to call Nintendo?s customer service department and hope that the company agrees to bend the rules for you.
Yes, it's a pain in the rear - and one more reason to be really, really careful about what you purchase for the Wii.

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