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Sony vs Air Force

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Date: May 13, 2010 - 07:04 AM
While a bombing run would be appropriate... it turns out Sony's removal of "Other OS" has caused a problem for the US Air Force. Seems they bought some PS3's for supercomputing research and, well... they can't replace any failed units with newer ones.

We checked in with the Air Force Research Laboratory, which noted its disappointment with the Sony decision. "We will have to continue to use the systems we already have in hand," the lab told Ars, but "this will make it difficult to replace systems that break or fail. The refurbished PS3s also have the problem that when they come back from Sony, they have the firmware (gameOS) and it will not allow Other OS, which seems wrong. We are aware of class-action lawsuits against Sony for taking away this option on systems that use to have it."
I would SO love to see the Air Force join the class-action lawsuits.

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