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Piracy? Yarr.

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Date: May 06, 2010 - 07:10 AM
Wolfire Blog looks at an alternate idea - perhaps the doom-and-gloom "numbers" responsible for draconian DRM are really just hot air? Or at the least, a tad overblown?

While many game developers blame piracy for their decreasing PC game sales, it is clear that this is not the problem -- relatively few gamers are pirates, and those that are would mostly not be able to afford games anyway.

However, it's easier for these developers to point their fingers at pirates than to face the real problem: that their games are not fun on PC. The games in question are usually designed for consoles, with the desktop port as an afterthought. This means they are not fun to play with a mouse and keyboard, and don't work well on PC hardware. Their field of view is designed to be viewed from a distant couch instead of a nearby monitor, and their gameplay is simplified to compensate for this tunnel vision.
Harsh but true...

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