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Cub Scout Gaming Pin

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Date: Apr 28, 2010 - 01:39 PM
So the Cub Scouts are implementing a video gaming pin.

Some of the media are going nuts about it.

Personally, after reading the requirements? It's not that bad. Knowing why there's a rating system? Good thought. Teaching the kids to keep games to only part of their schedule, rather than as an all-day veg-out? Good. Involving the parent to select the game the kids play? Good.

For the pin? Hey, cool. Learn good sportsmanship in a tournament environment. Help others with tips on how to play the game, and teach someone how to play a game. Compare different systems with your parent and decide which is right for a kid to be playing? Right on.

We need more parental involvement with kids and video games. I call this a good idea.

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