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Nintento sued over Wii Fit

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Date: Apr 21, 2010 - 11:00 AM
Nintendo's being hit with a lawsuit over Wii Fit:

We have since obtained the legal documents filed by IA Labs which claim that company's chief technology officer Greg Merril met with Nintendo as early as December 2007 in order to discuss ?development of peripherals and related games for the Wii gaming system.?

During the same meeting, it is alleged that Nintendo's Genyo Takeda (from the company's Integrated Research Division) requested a ?review? of IA Labs' intellectual property and patents. According to the legal documents, Merril advised Takeda that he should ?review? specific patents relating to Wii Fit. Merril was allegedly told to liaise with Nintendo's Howard Cheng to further discuss IA Lab's intellectual property and patents.
Something to keep an eye on...

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