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The Great Escapist Banhammer

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Date: Apr 21, 2010 - 07:16 AM
Over at the Escapist, there's been a mass-banning of users for mentioning Adblock software:

The thread in question started after a user complained that an add for Time Warner Cable was slowing down his computer. Apparently, users who responded to the poster by suggesting the user "get Firefox and AdBlock" found themselves banned from the forums. Users didn't even need to admit they even used AdBlock to get banned -- they simply had to recommend it as a solution to a seemingly-annoying ad. Looking at the forums recently amended posting guidelines does confirm that the folks at the Escapist believe that giving browsing preference advice is a "non forgivable" offense:

Do not confess, teach, admit to, or promote ad-blocking software that will allow users to block the ads of this site.
Apparently they were serious... and insane. A proper response would have been to get Time Warner to stop using effed-up ads that can cause scripting headaches for certain browsers. They eventually recanted and just tried to make everyone feel really bad, but this kind of misbehavior will taint the Escapist for a long while to come.

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