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When did games get "real"?

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Date: Mar 30, 2010 - 06:41 AM
GSW decries the number of "realistic" games these days in a very interesting op-ed.

Maybe in the past we created crazy games simply because we couldn?t recreate reality with the technology. Consider Bayonetta. Here you?ve got a woman whose clothing is made of her hair, and has guns in her shoes. I?ve heard a lot of people, journalists especially, talk about how crazy this is. In 1992 this would not be crazy. This would be par for the course in the creation of a video game.
In many respects, technology has played a role - but moreover, part of it is that the "quirky" titles and design still exist, they just are on the second shelf behind the "realistic" Call of Duty, Manhunt, and other bloody/"realistic" titles.

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