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Date: Feb 10, 2010 - 11:51 AM
There's a new Russian botnet that's actively trying to co-opt the Zeus botnet:

With its "Kill Zeus" option, Spy Eye is the most aggressive crimeware, however. The software can also steal data as it is transferred back to a Zeus command-and-control server, said Kevin Stevens, a researcher with SecureWorks. "This author knows that Zeus has a pretty good market, and he's looking to cut in," he said.

Turf wars are nothing new to cybercriminals. Two years ago a malicious program called Storm Worm began attacking servers controlled by a rival known as Srizbi. And a few years before that, the authors of the Netsky worm programmed their software to remove rival programs Bagle and MyDoom.
So, yes. Check your system and keep your virus scanning package up to date, and practice some safe computing and common sense.

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