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On DRM Again

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Date: Feb 03, 2010 - 07:45 AM
There's an article over at Savygamer (a UK site) asking a few game designers what they think about DRM:

TIGA?s research shows that the majority of video games developers (60%) see piracy as a problem for their business and most also see this as a constant or increasing problem for their business going forward (90%). However most developers view the actual threat of piracy to their business survival as low (60%) with only 20% ranking the threat as medium and only 10% considering the threat to be high (10% had no view).
It's heartening to see that they're starting to see "piracy" as little risk to their business, but the solutions they're coming up with (up to and including Ubisoft's ridiculous "be online or you can't play" setup) have just been bad news.

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