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Date: Jan 19, 2010 - 07:51 AM
Slate carries an intriguing slideshow on old, derelict buildings; some are old houses, other old churches, a few old factories, and even a restaurant building.

Got any like this in your hometown? I remember quite a few back where I grew up. A number of them may be eerily similar to sights you'll see in Fallout 3 as well.

Ruins constantly change. City workers seal windows and doorways and sometimes try to cover up dereliction by painting fake windows and doors on the seals. Scavengers steal carvings, statues, metal pipes, wires, and even bricks and stones. Arsonists often destroy buildings entirely, leaving behind a vacant lot and not even a memory of what stood there before. Abandoned and derelict buildings quickly become hosts to vegetation on their roofs and in their walls. The rain and wind accelerate their descent into ruin.

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