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Date: Dec 08, 2009 - 10:20 AM
This is just wacky enough to post up, but I would like to say now that this is probably a Bad Idea...
SANTA MONICA, Calif., Dec. 8, 2009 -- Combine a simple but addictive game concept with the music of a leading television and film composer and the artwork of a top video game illustrator and you have Stone Skipper, a new app for the Apple iPhone (

Stone Skipper lets players turn their iPhones into rocks and simulate skipping them across still water. A simple concept, but the challenge starts with keeping a firm grip on the iPhone so as not to actually launch it across the room. From there, the difficulty ramps up and the game just gets more intense -- and more fun. With the help of Max and his dog, Andy, each Stone Skipper level requires the player to skip the rock more and more times. After three unsuccessful tries, it's game over.

It is perhaps just as fun to watch people play Stone Skipper as it is to play the game. In fact, the app is already becoming a popular party game. After all, everyone remembers skipping rocks, and the wacky movements players make while trying to skip their stones are good for plenty of laughs.

"We got the idea to create Stone Skipper when we noticed the iPhone has the perfect weight and smoothness to be skipped across a lake," stated Burnley Media spokeswoman Julia Brown ( "Unfortunately, the real iPhone doesn't like being in contact with water."

With that in mind, the Burnley Media team called on award-winning artist Michael Heald of Fully Illustrated ( to design the look of Stone Skipper and Max and Andy.

The game features an original soundtrack by composer Simon J. Hunter (, whose work can often be heard in CSI, trailers for dozens of movies including Iron Man and Wanted, as well as numerous other television and film projects. Hunter's soundtrack has taken on a life of its own and is now available in the iTunes Music Store.

"The Stone Skipper iPhone app is the result of a successful creative collaboration," said Brown. "We are excited to introduce the game to the iPhone community and look forward to developing additional iPhone games."

Let the epidemic of broken iPhones commmence...

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