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California at it again

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Date: Nov 20, 2009 - 11:37 AM
California's at it again - they enacted a new set of regulations designed to kill big-screen TV's. Not to worry, there's an entertaining response from CEDIA. And of course, Audioholics also have an interesting idea:

Manufacturers need not stress this issue as we at Audioholics have a solution. Going forward, all large displays should ship in what we call "SCAM" mode which stands for Stupid CA legislation Mode. In this mode, the display brightness/contrast settings would be set a few clicks to the right of zero, audio would be disabled and backlighting would be set to minimum. The power consumption should be measured in this mode much like an A/V receiver power consumption is measured with one channel driven at full rated power and the other channels at 1/8th power. Who cares if you can't see or hear the picture out of the box? You now have a "Green" friendly display that has a 90% chance of getting returned to the store by unwary consumers not being able to figure out how to get it out of this mode. Of course, this will increase the consumers' carbon footprint via unnecessary traveling back to the store, but it will satisfy the CA ruling and further line the pockets of middle eastern oil companies in the process.
Are we doomed to see silly legislation from California for all eternity?

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