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Date: Oct 13, 2009 - 10:30 AM
Personally I think there are better characters to do this with, but Activision's released news on the first "downloadable" character for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, and it'll be Carnage.

They've got a developer diary over here.

We really wanted to make sure we didn?t make another Spider-Man or another Venom. It was really important that we make Carnage as unique as possible, especially in the way that he moved and the way that he attacked.

We used the word ?vicious? a lot when talking about how he should look. ?Crazy? too, because of the background of who he is and what he is. I worked mostly on his basic melee combat. That?s when we really pay attention to how we can differentiate that character. Spider-Man needs to be agile & springy. Venom was more of a bruiser, like a huge jungle cat who attacks with lethal clawed swipes. For Carnage, we wanted him to feel as quick as Spider-Man, but as dangerous as Venom (or worse). We ended up with a very ?slashy? character. Carnage is like a lunatic knife fighter: cutting people up quickly and messily, without much concern for how he looks doing it.

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