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Date: Aug 03, 2009 - 02:43 PM
The first-ever criminal prosecution for domain name theft is about to get under way:

Cases of domain name theft have not typically involved a criminal prosecution because of the complexities, financial restraints and sheer time and energy involved. If a domain name is stolen, the victim of the crime in most cases would need experience with the technical and legal intricies associated with the domain name system. To move the case forward, they would also need a law enforcement professional who understands the case or is willing to take the time to learn. For example, the Angel?s told us that in their case they called their local law enforcement in Florida who sent a uniformed officer in a squad car to their home. The first thing you can imagine the officer asked was, ?What?s a domain??.

Additionally financial restraints play a major role. Often times the rightful owners of these domains simply can?t justify the thousands of dollars in legal fees necessary to handle a case like this. Domains that don?t have the sort of value that a domain like has in the aftermarket may still contain a value that only the original owner can appreciate. Good luck convincing a law enforcement professional that your domain name is valuable under those circumstances.
Emphasis added - but aren't those final words so very true?

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