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User Education: "Hard Drive"

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Date: May 18, 2009 - 11:11 AM
IT Wire has a basic rant: users who don't know what the term "hard drive" means.

Several years ago I replaced a faulty hard drive on a server. I had a lady complain that nothing was faster, despite expecting it to be so. I asked why she was anticipating a change in performance and she replied, ?Didn?t you just change the hard drive??

I didn?t twig just what she meant at the time. It took several more experiences with people telling me their ?hard drive? kept crashing (which concerned me greatly until I realised it was just Microsoft Word that was locking up) or even asking if they could bring in their ?hard drive? from home and have me fix up a few problems.

Yes, you?ve guessed it, and no doubt you?ve heard it too. In each case they were referring to a computer. The girl in the first scenario assumed when I said I was replacing a hard disk I was commissioning a whole new server!
Please, do your tech a favor. Learn the basic terms...

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