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Date: May 12, 2009 - 02:43 PM
I sense cases heading to the Supreme Court.

New York has just ruled in opposition to the whole GPS-tracking thing that popped up earlier in the People's Republic of Wisconsin.

Devoting much of his 20-page ruling to how new technology delves into a person's life, Lippman said: "What the technology yields and records with breathtaking quality and quantity, is a highly detailed profile, not simply of where we go, but by easy inference, of our associations ? political, religious, amicable and amorous, to name only a few ? and of the pattern of our professional and avocational pursuits."

"It would appear clear to us that the great popularity of GPS technology for its many useful applications, may not be taken simply as a massive, undifferentiated concession of personal privacy to agents of the state."
Expect this to pop up in the Supreme Court in the next couple years... and hope that they aren't as senile on that particular day as they were last week when they invalidated our protections against identity theft.

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