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Warp Drive?

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Date: May 07, 2009 - 08:39 AM
With the new Star Trek movie coming out, revisits ideas on warp drive.

Earlier, there was conjecture that the inside of a warp bubble would be filled with Hawking radiation and become unstable.

Of course, found some more upbeat people:

Already some studies have claimed to find possible signatures of moving space-time. For example, scientists rotated super-cold rings in a lab. They found that still gyroscopes placed above the rings seem to think they themselves are rotating simply because of the presence of the spinning rings beneath. The researchers postulated that the ultra-cold rings were somehow dragging space-time, and the gyroscope was detecting the effect.

Other studies found that the region between two parallel uncharged metal plates seems to have less energy than the surrounding space. Scientists have termed this a kind of "negative energy," which might be just the thing needed to move space-time.

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