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Date: Apr 15, 2009 - 10:06 AM
Now that he's disbarred and can't make a legal nuisance of himself, Jack Thompson is... making a legal nuisance of himself in other ways.

That's right. He SPAMMED the Utah Senate after trying to get a law that was blatantly a violation of the First Amendment passed.

It gets better... he might even get to see the State Attorney General in court over it if he keeps it up.

It was part of his dogged campaign pressing Utah politicians to override the veto of a bill that would have increased penalties for retailers falsely advertising they would not sell mature video games to underage buyers.

"I asked you before to remove me from your mailing list," Waddoups wrote Thompson. "I supported your bill but because of the harassment will not again. If I am not removed, I will turn you over to the AG for legal action."
Countdown to Thompson's final flameout has begun.

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