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Date: Mar 17, 2009 - 10:00 AM
Gamasutra asked its readers what the big games of 2020 would be: here's what they got.

Entries were judged based on their strengths in concept, realism, and evolution of current gaming trends. It's expected that many of today's most popular genres will still thrive in the year 2020, after all, but the ways in which they are played could be quite different.

For the purpose of the competition, we presumed that the most cutting-edge games of 2020 may feature many of the same mechanics of today's games, but would include different control methods and varying degrees of lifestyle integration.
I can't entirely agree or disagree. The Wiimote is cute, but tends to be used more for gimmickry than for real gameplay innovation. If they could get it to be a lot more sensitive, then there might be more room for true innovation and/or immersion.

And yes, I have tried attaching it to a 9-iron with some rubber bands to see how 'real' Wii Golf would be. The results were not encouraging.

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