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RIAA sued for sham lawsuits

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Date: Mar 01, 2009 - 03:04 PM
The RIAA (aka MafiAA) have been put under the legal microscope for their sham-lawsuit practices. Ray Beckerman's web site has an amazing document on the matter:

As part of this campaign of their sham litigation program, the Record Company Counterclaim Defendants enhance the intimidation factor by actually filing suit in a number of instances with no prior warning. These suits are designed to attract media attention, and often do, as stories emerge of Record Company Counterclaim Defendants? suits against the elderly, disabled, technologically clueless, and other vulnerable victims. Many of these victims have no idea how to operate a computer, let alone how to install and use peer-to-peer networking software to exchange music they would not likely be listening to anyway. But actual innocence is rarely a consideration to the Record Company Counterclaim Defendants.
I encourage everyone to read the PDF thoroughly. It's best for every consumer, and the music industry as a whole, to finally have the RIAA put in their place.

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