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Date: Feb 27, 2009 - 12:41 PM
As the Pirate Bay trial progresses, Torrentfreak offer up their analysis of everything the music industry is doing wrong:

In other words: The ?it?s common sense? argument that the music industry is peddling in their attempt to tie the declining revenues to piracy, simply doesn?t hold. It is not as clear-cut as the industry believes; the true reason for the decline is something they are still unwilling to face, but will have to face sooner or later:

The fact is that the music industry?s revenues have been artificially inflated for decades because of limited consumer options. The last 15 years of innovation have lifted those limitations, effectively leaving the music industry with an obsolete, defective business model of monopolized production technology, forced album bundling, and almost nonexistent competition in the realm of home entertainment.
Amazing. Now if only this would get through to those that really need to hear it.

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