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Date: Feb 10, 2009 - 08:43 PM
The Games-as-Art debate rages on... and over at Gamasutra, Brian Green offers up a compelling case on how games can become legitimate.

We could sit around and hope for the best. Assuming that we don't fall victim to the fate comic books had to endure, we will eventually become an accepted part of life as the medium matures and old opponents retire from their crusades.

A more proactive developer may choose to help preserve game history. By preserving game history we give context to our games and can demonstrate the long history of development.
This point is key: far too many influential games are nigh unplayable merely because their original hardware and software bases (processor, operating system) are uncomfortably hard to come by. Try to get a working copy of the original Space Quest, as just one example of many...

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