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Kid gets hedgehogs legalized

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Date: Jan 04, 2009 - 01:21 PM
Here's one for you - a kid who likes Sonic the Hedgehog so much, he got his city council to overturn a ban on hedgehogs as pets so that he could have one.

Isn't it cute, in a spiny kind of way?

"I was just playing with hedgehog pictures and then my mom comes in and says, "You are going in front of the city commission on Tuesday. I thought I would faint," Judson said.

At city hall, Judson arrived in a suit and tie and armed with personalized folders full of hedgehog facts for each of the commissioners.

It was no contest. Commissioners could not find a good reason why they were banned in the first place.
Emphasis added - and isn't it amazing how many stupid laws there are on the books?

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