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Bye Bye Polaroid

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Date: Dec 09, 2008 - 08:51 AM
Polaroid film is being discontinued after 60 years.

Blame the march of technology - it's not really needed, with the ease of using digital cameras.

"With instant film, you don't get to make the choice of whether or not a picture is 'good enough' to make a print. You can't just hit delete because someone was making a weird face, or the framing wasn't quite right or in some way the image doesn't live up to the unattainable idea of perfection...

"It's life, and chances are, we'll find it in a box years later and be thankful that we have it -- dirty shorts, nervous smile and all." has about 4,000 members -- 573 of whom uploaded stories on why they think Polaroid instant film is worth keeping.

In a statement, Polaroid acknowledges its film's "loyal and passionate following," but says the company is looking to the future. Sales of all film types have plummeted this decade as digital photography became the norm.
Digital photography is indeed a different experience - but all things eventually end.

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