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Populous returns

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Date: Nov 11, 2008 - 01:32 PM
Populous has shipped out for the DS at a pretty reasonable price tag:
Torrance, Calif., (November 11, 2008) ? Videogame publisher XSEED Games announced today that Populous DS has started shipping to retailers in North America for the Nintendo DS. Populous DS puts the power of the gods in to the palm of the players? hands.

Based on the original Populous PC classic from Electronic Arts, Populous DS brings a re-imagination of the classic game which pioneered the God simulation genre. The unique features of the DS improve upon the original as the touch-screen controls utilize the dual screens allowing players to manipulate 5 elementally-imbued gods, each with their own unique miracles, within an extensive single-player campaign. Within the multiplayer wireless mode, up to 4 players can unleash earthquakes, tidal waves and raging volcanoes to wreck havoc on opponents? lands.

The Populous DS game play is fresh for returning players as additional gods, each with their own miracles and demon counterpart, have been added, while returning fans will recognize the classic maps from previous editions of Populous in homage to this legendary series.

Populous DS carries a suggested retail price of $29.99 and is rated ?E10? for ?Everyone 10 and Older.?

As a fan of the original (played way back in the day on a 286 laptop), I'm looking forward to seeing how this holds up.

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