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Student harassed for honesty

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Date: Oct 28, 2008 - 10:29 AM
This happens more and more - a student finds something that's not properly secured, realizes what it is, and reports it to the authorities so that they can secure it properly.

Then, because he exposed their ineptitude, they harass him for reporting it. In this case, they're trying to get three FELONIES for his "unauthorized access."

A 15-year-old high school student in New York State has been charged with three felonies after he allegedly accessed personnel records on his school's poorly configured computer network and then notified his principal of the security weakness.
He and a peer allegedly gained access to a file containing the personal information of 250 workers because of a district-wide error in setting up a new server. After accessing the information, he sent an email alerting the principal to the breach and signed it "A student." With the help of the district's IT department, the principal identified the boy as the culprit.
It gets better, of course... clueless/corrupt state troopers are badmouthing the boy to the press!
"The kid committed an intentional criminal act," state trooper Maureen Tuffey told The Times Union. "He deceitfully used someone else's name and password so he would not get caught and was looking to profit from his criminal act."
Nothing in the case indicates "profit" - he actually alerted them to the fact that something was mind-bogglingly insecure and had people's personal data on it.

The lesson we are now teaching schoolkids: don't do the right thing and report security problems. You'll be punished for it.

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