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Big Spammers Busted: Spam Unabated

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Date: Oct 21, 2008 - 08:17 AM
The big Spam-bust of last week? It did almost nothing to stop the spam from flowing.

"If one spammer disappears, there are plenty more to take up any slack bandwidth that might appear."

Atkinson and those working with him allegedly controlled a "botnet" of 35,000 malware-infected computers, which were used to send the spam messages. The owners of such "zombie" computers typically have no idea they are infected.

With Atkinson now targeted by the FTC, control of that botnet could have been passed on to another person, allowing the operation to continue unabated.

"Botnet spam systems are very automated and will continue to spam even if the operators do not log in and control them," SpamHaus employee Quentin Jenkins wrote in a blog post.
That's the rough thing about spam - it's out of control now. Too many bots, too much remote control, and very few central ways to shut it down. Eventually the choice has got to be made to hold the product-makers themselves, not the spammers, as primarily responsible. Do that, dry up the revenue stream as companies realize they can't get away with hiring the spammers, and then we'll see some relief.

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